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What To Expect From Counseling | Honor, Respect, Support...

What To Expect From Counseling

What to expect from counseling?  Well, first you need to know you’re normal if asking for help creates some anxiety!  We live in a culture that celebrates a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps independence — and if you can’t quite pull that off, your whole mind-body system is going to let you know you’re breaking an unspoken ‘rule’!

It’s okay.  Your nervous system is just doing its job of letting you know you’re in dangerous territory.  But you’re not (in dangerous territory, that is).  You’re only asking for help!

So … what if you could give your nervous system some new information?  Might it come down from its ‘high alert’ state?  And if it did, you might you feel a little differently?  If you felt differently, you might you do something a little differently?  And if you did something a little differently, might things in your life be a little different?  Hmm … are you willing to try out a little something that could give your nervous system new information?

That paragraph you just read?  It’s quite like the talk you can expect when working with me.  We’ll talk about your body’s nervous system and your Subconscious Mind and your subtle energy system and how they’re all just working to keep you safe — your ‘wiring’, if you will.  If you want, we’ll talk about how your soul fits into this big picture of You.

You can expect to go on sort of a psychic treasure hunt — trying out a lot of questions to see how that nervous system of yours reacts and what that subconscious part of you is trying to communicate.  You can expect to learn how to manage your attention, rather than having it pulled and pushed by all the clamoring circumstances of your life.

You can expect to move about the room in exercises designed to create new information for your whole mind-body system (I’ll teach you how you do the same thing between sessions).  You can expect opportunities to try out the feeling of possible solutions, and to relax in a special way so that the Subconscious part of you can deliver up its solutions.  And you can expect other opportunities to just talk about what’s happening, so you can hear your own thinking out loud.

And whether you just want to solve a problem or you’re signing on for total transformation, you can expect me to honor, respect, and support just how fast you want to travel your unique path toward the solutions you choose … for a change.

Because your joy matters …