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What Is Good Therapy | Climbing Life-Mountains

What Is Good Therapy?

What is good therapy?  Well, I’ve always thought it’s like an ‘individualized-team-sport’ — sort of climbing side-by-side on Life Mountains!  Even though you’re the expert on your own climb, I have a perspective you can use while trying to make your next move.Good Therapy | Climbing Life-Mountains

I’ve got this flashlight, you see, and not only can I beam it to places you can’t quite see from where you’re holding on, I can also look over and see where your own flashlight is tucked away in your pack!  I can teach you how to find and unpack it, how to use it, and even how to hold it yourself while you keep climbing.

The idea of educating you about that flashlight — the light of your own inner truth and wisdom — is foundational to how I work.  My use of the word educate is sourced in its original meaning:  “to bring forth, or to draw from within”.

I trust absolutely the profound wisdom inside of you.  Yes, you do have a wisdom that is always drawing your attention toward solutions that will be best for you, for all concerned — no matter the difficulty of circumstances in which you find yourself.

As I see it, my job is helping you to bring that wisdom forth into conscious awareness and showing you how to work with it; your job, then, is developing the willingness and trust to use it.

Yes, everyone truly does have such a flashlight — no one’s left out.  What’s also true is that not everyone will choose to develop or use it.

Here you are reading this, feeling the powerlessness of that STUCK feeling and, I daresay, looking for a light.  Now I can’t say why, but it seems the darkest times do call forth a seeking of light for help on the climb up the mountain.  So, that awfulness you are feeling right now?  What if it’s also a good measure of probability that you will be someone who chooses to develop, trust and use  that flashlight of yours?

And if we should climb alongside one another?  I’ll be honored to share a little of my light while you’re learning to trust your own!

Good Therapy?  It’s Finally Finding Solutions … For A Change