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Talk Therapy Alone Isn't Enough | Why Integrative Psychotherapy?

Talk Therapy Alone Isn’t Enough

Talk therapy alone will never be enough to help you escape the quicksand of feeling STUCK.  Yes, it will help you feel better and understand the source of your experience, but that talking head of yours doesn’t have much influence with what’s really running your life!  And that’s why you’ve not yet experienced the freedom you’re seeking:  You need to work with the bigger part of you.  Your whole mind-body system is running your life — and most of it doesn’t respond to talk.

Consider these facts, if you will:

  • 93-95% of your life is run by your sub-conscious mind-body system.
  • So only 5-7% of your life is run by your conscious mind — when you think you’re in charge.
  • The mind-body system operating far below the level of your awareness Subconscious Mind-Body is either subconscious or unconscious.
  • It developed before your brain did and now it operates about 1/2 second faster than you’re able to consciously think!
  • It speaks and processes in its own language of image, symbol, tone, movement, sensation, and e-motion.
  • Your subconscious mind-body system manages all of your (1) biological processing; (2) conditioned reflexes; (3) assumptions; (4) beliefs; (5) evaluations; (6) preferences; (7) judgments; and (8) thoughts.
  • Talking is a conscious process that ‘happens’ in the front of the brain and requires your conscious awareness.
  • Subconscious processing ‘happens’ everywhere in the mind-body system but the front of the brain! 

Want to live free of feeling STUCK in the circumstances of your life?  You’ve got to learn how to work with your subconscious mind-body system — how to communicate in its own language.  To discover, re-evaluate, and change all that no longer serves you, the door swings only one way:  Inward!

In 1989, I was introduced to the then brand-new study of psychoneuroimmunology — the scientific inquiry into how thoughts and beliefs affect the nervous and immune systems.   It not only changed my mind about everything I had been taught and thought I knew, it became the scientific foundation upon which I’ve built my expertise as a counselor and change-agent specializing in integrative psychotherapy.  By combining my training with numerous traditional and less-than-traditional perspectives over the past 23 years, I’ve developed and now practice an integrative approach to psychotherapy I call PsychoNeuroRe*Integration®.

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