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Systemic and Family Constellations

Systemic and Family Constellations

To let you experience this work for yourself, Kathryn offers both Group Gatherings and Individual Sessions! 

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Do you or others in your family struggle with some dilemma or issue that just won’t seem to shift no matter what?  Something like …

  • Financial problems?
  • Health problems — maybe chronic or even a catastrophic illness?
  • Relationship problems?
  • Estrangement in an important relationship?
  • Career dilemmas?
  • Moods that threaten to run life into the ground?
  • Fallout from trauma in any of its infinite manifestations?
  • Accidents that seem to follow someone like a shadow?
  • Addictions to anything – work, substances, helping, or … ?
  • Infertility or childbirth problems?

Issues like this are so damnably common — worse yet, it can appear that resolution is impossible to achieve! But what if that word “appear” was the key to resolution of these and other difficult issues?

What if there was a way to explore the invisible dynamics at play in your life — to make visible the invisible for re*solution?

You’re invited to discover just how that can happen in Family or Systemic Constellation work.

What’s Family Constellation work?

Well, it’s a way of approaching your problem with a simple idea that produces simply profound results. The idea is this:

Both your problem and your well-being are inextricably tied to the unresolved wounds and traumas of all those family members who have preceded you!

Whenever a family member has been denied inclusion and/or the resolution of some adverse life event, someone in a following generation will unconsciously honor their fate by living out those wounds in their own lifetime! Such wounds weave through subsequent generations until they are acknowledged and re*solved!

This idea forms a new kind of question: What if your current burden doesn’t really ‘belong’ to you? Indeed, what if it ‘belongs’ to an ancestor who for some reason had been unable to make peace with an event or tragedy that occurred during their lifetime?

What if a re*solution of that burden was possible now … with you and for you? Perhaps even because of you? Yes, it’s strange to think about; nonetheless, I invite you to entertain the idea if you will … because it is possible.

Generational Connectivity …

You see, the idea of generational connectivity has been central to the healthy functioning of indigenous cultures for millennia, but our cultural aversion to things we can’t objectively measure has long kept us from taking advantage of its potential.

Recent research, however, demonstrates how fallout of unresolved trauma continues to reverberate even three generations deep — invisible connectivity at work. Indeed, the idea now underpins much of the Western science of epigenetics.

Re*Solving Problems

But German psychologist Bert Hellinger was simply seeking relief for his clients’ problems when he pioneered this integration of systems theory, phenomenology, and psychotherapy some twenty-five years ago. He created a methodology for allowing the invisible impact and entanglements of energy to become visible — now, it’s perhaps the deepest and most profound form of problem resolution available for individuals, groups, even large organizations!

Popularized as a leading form of therapy in Germany and practiced in 25 countries worldwide, it’s slowly been finding its way to practitioners in the United States.

Your truth and the re*solution of your problem or dilemma is something only you can know and feel, so the path of your experience is the only one you must follow for relief! Given that fact, most Systemic Constellation practitioners say you simply have to experience the field of energy in a Constellation to ‘get it’!

You’ll want to be there –

  • If you’ve acquired lots of insight but your life still seems stalled
  • If you’ve tried lots of things to help you make a change, but change still hasn’t happened
  • If you’ve heard about or are curious about how ‘fields of information‘ influence behaviors of everything and everyone
  • If you understand or wish to experience the inherent healing in community
  • If you feel a strange sense of urgency to “make changes” in your life
  • If you feel stuck — simply living out the same old chapters of your story
  • If you sense there must be something “more” to the issues that trouble you
  • If you feel some sense of urgency and are following a path of personal and spiritual development
  • If you’re determined to get the bottom of inexplicable failure or self-sabotage
  • If you’re a therapist, healer, clergy member, or healthcare professional
  • If you delight in possibility and marvel at miracles

I invite you to satisfy your Mind by reading How To Heal Your Family, an introduction to the ‘why?’ and ‘how’ of this work, then do allow the Field to reveal invisible dynamics at play in your life by means of a Constellation ‘Field Trip’ experience, will you?

Brain-Savvy ~ Body-Savvy ~ Science-Savvy ~ Soul-Savvy ~ Systems-Savvy

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