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Why Me? Why You? Why Now? - Solutions...For A Change

Why Me? Why You? Why Now?

By | May 7, 2012

I’ve been working toward this day for a long time!  How exciting to see this space I’ve created, waiting to fill with help you can use for yourself!

This isn’t a place for everyone.  But if you’re miserably frustrated with some aspect of your life — some problem or issue that has resisted all efforts to change — it’s absolutely meant to be a place for you!  And even if you’re less than miserably frustrated, but sick and tired of bumping into the same old problems over and over, you’re bound to find help here!

So, why me — who am I to share?  Well, why not me?  I’ve been there, living in battle (that is) with What Is, so I can relate in an intimate way to your pain.  And, in a bigger way than one-on-one sessions, I get to do here what I love most — share what I’m continuing to learn about secrets to getting UN*STUCK*!

Why you — who are you to have hope?  Um, why not you?  Isn’t there some spark that’s kept you kept you seeking for some ‘something’ different than what you have right now?  It’s not anyone else’s spark that’s seeking, is it?  Now … is it?

And why now — what’s the big deal about now?  Well, why not now?  We have only this moment — not yesterday, not tomorrow.  This moment — how we choose to use it — is like a magnet drawing tomorrow into being.

So it’s time now to create your tomorrow with some new awareness — to find you, to be you, to live You!  It’s my time now, too, — to keep my promises and write words that can serve as light posts along your way.  I’ll be back soon!

Because your joy matters …

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