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Therapy Is Expensive!

By | May 10, 2012

The cost of therapy is high —  at $110 or -20 or -30 a session — but did you ever think about how much it’s actually costing you to live STUCK in the quicksand of overwhelming feelings and emotions?

Think about it — staying in a bad job (or being afraid to get out of the house to get a  job), overdosing on ice cream or alcohol or other people’s problems, or doctor visits because you’re sick all the time?  All the decisions made or not made, the hours in argument with yourself and others, the inability to get traction — the list rolls on, right?  I’m not sure it’s been measured, but we’ve got to face it: STUCK ain’t cheap!

Anyway, I was curious and queried Google to find a 2003 thread reporting an average of 12-14 50-minute sessions  to bring resolution to a relatively straight-forward issue.  Let’s see … 14 sessions at today’s standard rate of $110 for the standard 50 minutes is $1540.  So … if your problem was pretty complicated, and you went every week for a whole year,  you would have invested $5720 to find a way to live UN*STUCK!

But that was 2003, and times have changed in so many ways!  I found another thread reporting the average number of visits is now 20.  So if you were now paying $110 for 60-minute sessions, you’d invest $2200 in yourself to discover the joy of living UN*STUCK.

But what really knocked me out was the math on those extra 10 minutes every session:  They equate to an extra 3 hours and 20 minutes of therapy.  So you’re actually getting 23 sessions for your $2200 investment!

And if you’ve decided that nothing less than trans*form*ation is what you’re after and you go every week for a year, you’d invest $5720 — and get an extra 8 1/2 hours of therapy time out of those extra 10 minutes every week.

So yes, therapy is a significant investment of your time, your energy, and your money.  It’s true that only you can compare its value to the cost of living STUCK — but if you ask anyone else who’s chosen the investment in themselves as a path to freedom, they’d tell you to go for it!  The life you were meant to live is waiting for you to claim it …

Because your joy matters,




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