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How To Tap With EFT | How To Help Yourself

How To Tap With EFT

So … here’s how you can try out EFT on some feeling about an experience that’s causing you distress:



Before tapping, it is important to let yourself notice what you’re feeling – even better is writing it down (e.g., “I’m really mad about that guy cutting me off…” or “When I think about…I feel…”)


Using a scale of 0-10 (0 is no distress and 10 is the most distress possible), give a number to how distressed you feel when thinking about your emotional disturbance, and write it down as your baseline.  The purpose of EFT is to ‘tap down’ your SUDS rating!

Another note about your SUDS:  if the memory you are working on is very complex and has lots of parts (called ‘aspects’ in EFT lingo), you should take a separate SUDS rating for each part of the story – tap it down, take a new SUDS for the next part, tap it down, and so forth.


Here you will begin to say your words out loud OR you can think them silently to yourself!  This first part of the sequence is designed to correct for “Psychological Reversal” – any blocks or resistance to releasing emotional distress – because yes, sometimes there are parts of you that may not really want to release an intense emotion!

Begin tapping on the outside edge of either hand at the point where you might make a karate chop and repeat 3 times:

“I deeply and profoundly accept myself even though I have [this problem] …” while naming the problem or issue as specifically as possible.  Don’t be surprised if you discover that you don’t even remotely believe you ‘deeply and profoundly accept yourself…’ – that’s why you’re tapping in the first place!  If you feel an enormous amount of resistance to saying this, try out other statements that might ‘land’ more congruently for you like:

“I’m willing to try to accept myself even though I have [this problem] …” or

“Even though I have [this problem], I’d like to accept myself for having it …”  

 You don’t have to believe the setup statement for EFT to work – remember, it is designed to treat the fact that some part of you may feel subconsciously resistant to change!


Allow me to pass along a little secret:  Lots of people make the tapping sequence a lot more complicated than it needs to be!  The actual sequence refers to the places on the body you will be tapping on.  What matters more than tapping on every single point, however, is your ability to hold a focus on the problem while you’re tapping; it is the tapping while thinking about the issue that activates energy system disruptions. 

Create and repeat a reminder phrase about the problem while you’re tapping.  For example, if the problem was about the guy who cut you off on the highway, you might say, “This guy who was driving like an idiot …” or “My feelings about that stupid guy …”

Although EFT is so flexible and forgiving even children can get good results, the truth is that you’ll discover your results are more profound as you become more specific.  For example, “Even though I’m furious and scared at the same time about getting cut off by that guy …” is more specific than “Even though I’m angry …” and is more likely to result in a speedier and more satisfying result.

EFT Forehead Tapping

Now while thinking about the problem, tap on the following locations (either side of the body will work) while saying the reminder phrase aloud:

  •       Reminder phrase + Top of your head
  •       Reminder phrase + Inside corner of your eyebrow
  •       Reminder phrase + Outside bone of your eye
  •       Reminder phrase + Under your eye
  •       Reminder phrase + Under your nose
  •       Reminder phrase + Under your bottom lip
  •       Reminder phrase + In the little dips below your collarbones
  •       Reminder phrase + Under your arm about nipple-level
  •       Reminder phrase + Insides of wrists together


In more cases than not, two or three rounds of EFT will resolve a problem. If, however, you’re still experiencing remaining emotional turmoil, go through the sequence again and repeat the protocol with a modified setup statement:

“Even though I still have some of this ______, I’m doing the best I can.”

If the intensity of the difficult emotion has fallen below a 3 on the SUDS scale, try to recall it and try to get the higher distress level back.  Pay attention to what you’re thinking to notice if another aspect appears; if so, you’ll change your new reminder phrase to “Even though I still have some remaining ______, I’m doing the best I can”

If you do discover a new aspect – and it’s most likely you will! – begin the process once again by tuning into the new aspect as ‘the problem’.


If it feels like you’ve stalled and your SUDS number just won’t budge, it’s most often because your thinking has shifted to another part or aspect of the problem without your real awareness!

You will discover aspects because your brain’s power is created by association – one thought is associated with sensations, memories, beliefs, and other thoughts, etc.  Like a row of dominoes, creating shift in one issue will frequently result in dissembling all the others that are associated with it.

So take a big breath, and begin again – this time treat each part of the problem separately with its own reminder phrase.  For example, you’ll be tapping separately on “this fear …” or “this frustration …” or “this anger …”