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Groups and Events

Making the changes you need to live your life un*stuck sometimes aren’t easy, though they’re not impossible!  I’ve created a number of group and event options to help make your change-work occur more affordably and perhaps even faster than you thought possible.

After all, when two or three are gathered …

Hands To Help


Tapping Circles – North or South Denver-Metro Locations

Way more than talk!  These ongoing ‘edu-process’ groups are for people who are frustrated with feeling stuck – people who are serious about getting some real traction in their lives.  A super safe and supportive group dynamic is facilitated twice a month in both North and South Denver-metro locations for a very nominal charge.

Whether you’re a fan of Tapping or have never heard of it, tapping in a Circle is one of the most power*full tools to support healing I’ve yet discovered!

Not making as much progress as you’d like or looking for an extra boost in making the changes you’ve long said you want?  Try Circle Work … if you’re ready to be surprised.

I invite you to see more details about these groups called “Tapping Circles…For A Change” on the MeetUp site — and you can find more information about Tapping right here on my site, too!


Systemic Constellations

What if just one question could fundamentally change everything about some problem you’ve long-struggled with?  Some issue that has long-defied your efforts to change?

As you think about that problem or issue, I invite you to also imagine this question:  What if the problem or the issue doesn’t really even belong to you?  What if the source of your problem or issue actually ‘belonged’ to the life of an ancestor — perhaps someone you never even knew? And what if it was possible to help heal and ‘return’ that problem to its rightful owner?

A question like that changes perspective on reality, does it not?

Can you imagine a group gathering to gently support one another in creating just such perspective changes — such healing potential for one another?

Well, you’ve found it:  Groups of people gathering to participate in a way of working that is called Systemic or Family Constellations!  Now offered all over the world in both group gatherings and individual sessions, most say it’s something you simply have to experience to ‘get’!

That said, I invite you to learn more about these gatherings on the MeetUp site … then do feel free to call me, Kathryn, at 720-350-1813 for details about how you, too, can take advantage of this incredibly power*full healing modality!


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