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How To Get Out Of Feeling Stuck | Solutions For Freedom

How To Get Out Of Feeling STUCK

If you’re wondering how to get out of feeling STUCK in the quicksand of some problem after trying everything you know, I invite you to reflect on this …

What If You Didn’t Know … ?

What if you didn’t know that you’ve been putting your efforts in all the wrong places?   If you’ve never been introduced to the power of your Subconscious Mind, to the idea that most of the circumstances in your life will not respond to your will or intelligence when trying to create lasting changes, it makes perfect sense that you’re still feeling STUCK.

A Simple Truth

The STUCK part of your life, the circumstances, the problems, even an illness, is like the tip of this iceberg — it’s what you see and where you put all your efforts for change — consciously discussing, planning, controlling, medicating, and so forth.

But the truth is more like this picture:  More than 90% of your life – and that includes the STUCK part – is being directed by your Subconscious Mind!  It’s absolutely invisible and unreachable from your conscious  awareness at the top of the iceberg … how smart or willful you are matters not!

Since the real power for change and healing resides in the 90% below your conscious awareness, allow me to ask:  How much were you ever taught about how that works?

Well, here’s some good news:  Both your problems and your solutions reside somewhere in that 90%!  And even though they’re hidden from your conscious awareness, they’re always giving you hints in their own special language about where they’re hidden.  Some aspects of that 90% will be easier to access and influence than others; but unless you’ve been taught its language, your best efforts to implement change in areas managed by your deep Subconscious aren’t much more than guessing games.

Talk Simply Isn’t Enough

Whether you feel frozen — unable to think clearly or move beyond a concern — or frenetic — spinning in circles of activity or thinking and planning — when it’s happening, you know ‘STUCK’ as an undeniable block to energy, don’t you?  Though many events can lead to such immobilization — a stress-full childhood or illness, a career situation, relationship conflicts, health problems, the fallout of traumatic incidents, the knock-you-off-center circumstances of life — the impact is universal:  A sense of utter powerlessness and soul suffering.

Talking to someone about the truth of your suffering is indisputably the first step toward change — yet it’s simply not enough.  You see, talk is a process that occurs only by means of your conscious awareness; the other 90% of you not only doesn’t understand talk, it might not even be on board with what you’re talking about!

To influence the aspects of your Subconscious Mind that manage your deepest conditioned reflexes and habits, assumptions, memories, beliefs, evaluations, preferences, judgments, thoughts, and patterns of behavior — talk will never be enough.

What’s more:  If there’s ever a conflict between what your Conscious Mind has planned and what your Subconscious Mind is ‘wired’ for (more about this idea elsewhere) — your Subconscious will win every time!  That’s why you find yourself doing what you didn’t want to do, or in another bad relationship just like the one you left, or in another crisis just when things begin to get better, or never getting out of debt, or losing everything again after you do get out of debt … you get the picture.

Choices For A Way Out Of  STUCK

Choice #1:  Don’t believe everything you think.  Choice #2:  Learn the language of your Subconscious Self so you can ask questions and receive answers.  Choice #3:  Make friends with your Subconscious Self — it’s a power*full ally.

Get to know what you don’t know about yourself, about your Subconscious Mind — learn its language, listen to its wisdom, and use its power to help you find your solutions … for a change.  You are much, much more than who you think you are in that sack of skin and bones you call ‘Me’!

And because this isn’t easy (even though it’s simple), Choice #4:  Allow yourself to get some help*full guidance as you begin.

Tools I Use To Facilitate Change From STUCK to Freedom

You are totally unique.  No one else on the planet has a brain or a bodyTools ... For A Change or a nervous system or a subtle energy system like yours, so no one else will ever experience the world like you do!

I’ve chosen to learn and use a diverse array of tools because they each work in a specific dimension in a special way to facilitate lasting change.

Dimension?  Well yes … you’re complex!  You’re composed of a body, a brain and nervous system, a subtle energy system, a spiritual dimension, and the powerful legacies of your family’s lineage.  You can be STUCK in any one (even all) of these dimensions and not even know it.

Some of these tools will work better for you than others because — remember? — you’re absolutely unique!

  • Brainspotting
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies
  • Energy Therapies
  • Human Design
  • Holistic Trauma Therapies
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Imagery and Metaphor
  • Mind-Body Therapies
  • Mindfulness Therapies
  • Systemic Constellations