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About Kathryn Montgomery | Counselor

About Kathryn

If you’ve been looking for a counselor, no doubt you’ve discovered there are lots of us!  Finding the “right” kind of help is as much about whether they ‘get’ you as is their training and experience — so having lots of us to choose from is actually quite a good thing.

Kathryn Montgomery, Licensed Professional CounselorBecause decades of research have shown it’s the quality of relationship rather than any particular theoretical approach that’s the best predictor of successful therapy, I offer a short initial visit without charge — we both deserve a good sense of how the fit might be.

I hope by now you’re asking, “What qualifies you to help me, Kathryn?” because it will allow me to share a wildly unflattering truth:  I know a lot about the quicksand of feeling STUCK.

As a matter of fact, I lived there for decades.  Like you, I was absolutely determined to live differently and eventually I learned how.  Since then I’ve never stopped acquiring and applying skills, tools, and strategies for living in freedom — amidst even the most unwelcome events of life.

An important truth is that it took me decades to gain the knowledge, training, expertise, and point of view to help myself — a more important truth is that it doesn’t have to be the same for you!  I say you’ve already suffered far too long.

My own life changed direction with a question posed by poet, Mary OliverTell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”  Well, I’ve discovered that, as a counselor, I’m all about teaching others how to make big changes in moments, months, or even years — not decades!

You, too, have one wild and precious life … tell me, what is it you will do with it?

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