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Are You Feeling Stuck? | Find Freedom From Your Problems!

Are You Feeling STUCK?

Feeling STUCK in life is like trying to escape from quicksand; the harder you struggle, the more likely you are to be imprisoned!

Are you unable to pull yourself out of quicksand like …    Kathryn Montgomery, MA, LPC, NCC, CHT

  • Trauma or loss?
  • Anxiety or depression?
  • Mood swings that overrun your life?
  • Relationship problems?
  • An illness or chronic pain?

Or are you …

  • Plagued by your mind spinning in circles?
  • So exhausted you can’t even think?
  • Sad or angry about everything?
  • Feeling like you just don’t fit?
  • Unable to just ‘get it together’?

If you’ve tried everything you know to change things in your life and nothing’s worked, I understand.  Looking with clarity at everything that’s really true about your life, then feeling powerless to have it be different is almost intolerable, isn’t it?

But … what if your concerns also brought you here?  Now?  To this moment?  I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t finally your time to create changes you’ve longed for but haven’t been able to achieve.

My name is Kathryn Montgomery.  As a licensed professional counselor, I specialize in helping people who are feeling the imprisonment of living STUCK learn how to find freedom — learn how to live life UN-STUCK!

As you’re reading this, I’m inviting you to notice the part of you that senses whether I’m the right person to help.  Whether it’s ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, I invite you to trust that feeling!

… and if it’s ‘Yes’, I invite you to call 720-350-1813 for a free 30 minute visit to discuss how I might help you discover a way of freeing yourself from the problems that are keeping your life on hold.

Because your joy matters,